When you think of sugar, what does your mind conjure up?

I used to think I ate well because I wasn’t eating candy for every meal or had some vegetables with lunch. However, sugar is sneaky and our food industry is even more deceiving. Sugar goes by a host of names and is probably hiding in your cupboards more than you are aware of.

It’s in your marinara sauce, your chia seed pudding and of course the soda you had earlier today. But let’s be honest. It’s not just sugar you’re looking to get rid of, but the 3pm hankering for something sweet or salty, or this season’s souvenir you’re now carrying around your middle or perhaps you just want to sleep deeper, the 21-Day Sugar Detox is for you. In fact it’s for everyone who wants to ditch the cravings, think clearer, perform better and enjoy life a little better.

As a certified 21-Day Sugar Detox coach, a mom of two wee ones, a Precision Nutrition Coach, and a crossfitter, I understand the demands of motherhood, of a full-time job, and of being an athlete. While I’m especially excited to help moms navigate the challenges of nourishing not only themselves but also their families well, I love helping anyone and everyone - athletes and couch potatoes alike - discover how to nourish their bodies in unique way that make sense to them. Uncovering and practicing the good habits that will "stick" and inch you closer to thriving is my goal. Since there is a myriad of conflicting information out there, I’d love to walk along side you to show you how to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your home and daily routine.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a 21-day program (3 levels and multiple modifications) to meet you where you are but to challenge you to consume whole, sugar free food. The program is designed and outlined in the 21-Day Sugar Detox books by Diane Sanfilippo, based on sound nutritional research. After the 21 Days, you will feel better, sleep well, and will have crushed your sweet tooth – to name a few things!

 If you're ready to give up sugar and foods lacking nutrients (i.e. those "bad" carbs) yet you don't know where to start, or what to eat, or don't think you're strong enough to stick to something for 21 days, contact me! I’m here to help you on your journey of discovering how real food can and will realign your habits, your mindset and your body. Our mind is not autonomous from our gut so we must heal both. Are you ready?

I'm happy to provide one-on-one counseling or group sessions! Typically group sessions begin the first Monday of the month.

You’ll receive:

  • One "prep" meeting (or live conference call) prior to the start of the detox. This meeting will get the ball rolling to ensure you're mentally and physically prepared.

  • Three weekly meetings (either in person or over the phone) during the detox to answer questions, learn about nutrition and provide support with fellow detoxers.

  • Depending upon the size of the group, I will set up a private Facebook group for conversations and motivation. Regardless, you will receive daily accountability, tips, and recipes.

  • One 21DSD Participant Guide, exclusive to joining my group.

  • Access to me, a Certified Coach, via email, Facebook, and text to answer questions whenever you have them.

  • Meal Planning and recipe suggestions

  • Modifications for breastfeeding/pre/post-natal, athletes, autoimmune diseases, families, and more

  • Pantry and grocery shopping consulting

  • Client only gifts!

Coaching for the 21-Day Sugar Detox is $150.

Contact me to discuss if the 21-Day Sugar Detox is right for you!

The program is based on real, whole food. While there may be an adjustment period, you'll be happily satisfied with nutrient-dense meals. Go shopping at my amazon store for some awesome 21DSD goods and on my Pinterest board for meal ideas.

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