I wish it were easy and that there was one formula to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin. If I could tell every client to daily eat kale and bacon at 6pm to give you glowing skin, mental clarity and defined quads that fit into any jeans, my work would be easy. 

However, it's a tad bit more complicated than that. My sincerest apologies. As unique as our fingerprints, I don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to food and nutrition. I believe you must know your body and begin to understand nutrition education to make informed decisions.

Not only am I a Precision Nutrition Certified Professional, I've used the last decade to experiment with my own body, to heal it from the inside out yet. I’m excited to help everyone thrive by learning how to stop abusing food, and rather use food as a source of life.

Are you:

overwhlemed by what to eat, or what not to eat

tired of mental fatigue

overcome with guilt or shame by what you consume

committed to making a change

pregnant and not sure how to "eat for two"

an athlete ready to see better PRs


Making sound nutritional choices and preparing meals - from the planning to the prep, to the satisfaction of a clean plate and full belly - should be enjoyable and uniquely practical for your lifestyle. I’m here to help!


An introductory phone or Skype call to discuss goals, current setbacks, and to prepare a plan, should we work together.  A one-page nutrition and lifestyle plan will in included as a follow-up document to keep regardless of whether or not you continue to work with me.


30 days

  • 30-60 minute initial phone consultation
  • 2-30 minute phone call, skype or in-person consultations
  • Review food journal and lifestyle questionnaires to create a baseline of guidance
  • Individual eating and lifestyle suggestions
  • 1 week meal plan and grocery shopping guide


90 Days

Includes 30 Day Package plus...

  • 5 additional 30 minute phone consultations

  • bi-weekly email check-ins

  • continuing education on nutrition, and an uniquely designed eating plan based on your lifestyle and progress


What is Precision Nutrition you ask? 

We believe you can get healthy and fit while still being yourself. We believe fitness and good nutrition are for everyone. It doesn't matter what you look like, where you're coming from, or how far you think you have to go.

We believe that by changing your habits and by breaking down your goals into manageable and tangible steps, you can improve your body and your life. It is nutrition that is personalized for you, where you are today.

Sometimes I am frustrated about the weight still, but I am feeling more hopeful of reaching my goals. Which isn’t just weight but long term change to eating habits to support my digestive tract. So thank you once again for helping me get on this path.
— Jessica
  We're all busy with obligations but   you CAN do this for yourself and your family.

We're all busy with obligations but you CAN do this for yourself and your family.