Wednesday Wisdom

Trea t yo self with this goodness!

Treat yo self with this goodness!

Thanks for not screaming and shouting at me (seriously, I get enough of that from my three-year old) for missing last week. Our household was out for the count with fevers, pink eye, and ear infections, oh my! We're on the mend but poor mama, me, has naturally been contaminated with the nasty cough from the many sleepless nights last week when one or both children were coughing in my face.

Due to our level of health, or lack thereof, Valentine's Day was very low key. I did however, make these scrumptious sunbutter, raspberry truffles - think a pbj Reeses - or not because now that I've written that it doesn't sounds very appealing.

Anyway we all liked them. The point I really want to make is that you do not have to deprive yourself when you choose to eat healthy. While you don't want to swap out bad food with the same bad habits (i.e. emotional eating, bingeing, etc), you can swap out bad food for healthier alternatives. Sugar is still sugar and dessert is still desert whether it's raw or paleo or whatever, yet having healthier treats can certainly curb your cravings and help you on your journey of health and wellness. I will post the recipe here this coming weekend! Stay tuned.