instant pot

releasing the pressure


Out of nowhere I was stricken with a dreadful 24-hour stomach bug this week. 

After a successful and incredibly early bedtime for my girls, I was feeling good and was even expecting to go to bed early myself. Yet at 9:30pm the Samurai woke up and foiled my plans. I climbed into bed to help her fall back asleep but her restless body lay awake and fidgeting until 3am! I may have dozed from the hours of 10pm-1am, but then it hit. My insides were wrecked and the wee one was deliriously awake screaming there were spiders crawling in the bed. WHAT? WHY?

My body ached from fatigue, alongside the twisting and turning of my intestines. By 2:30 all three of us girls were squeezed in my bed. Somehow I managed to fall asleep knowing the two-and-a-half hours before my alarm went off was not going to be sufficient. Bent over in pain I pulled myself from bed in an attempt to get ready for the day. I went downstairs, sat on the couch sipping my lemon water until it happened. In the dark of the morning, the inevitable upheaval of the tumultuous stomach bug reared it’s head. It was only 6:12am but I was done for.

You get the point!

I didn’t have an appetite until dinnertime, when I was only slightly peckish. Applesauce sounded amazing. And with the Instant Pot, it was stupendous. WIth a little work (de-coring only because I was too lazy to peel the apples), in 20 minutes I had fresh, homemade, warm applesauce that soothed my innards. 

While following a BRAT diet (banana, rice, apple, toast) is no longer recommended when you’re sick, applesauce is always a good idea. Sick or not, if you’re an applesauce fan you will enjoy this recipe by Danielle Walker. Please make this as soon as possible!

Stay tuned next week as I kick-off my first 21-Day Sugar Detox group of 2017. I will be posting only from the guidebook and cookbook for the rest of the month. If you’re curious about kicking your old, unhealthy habits, come join us!