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Wednesday Wisdom - Celebrate February

Have your cake and eat it too. You won't have any excuse to stay on track and still eat well with this cookbook. 

Have your cake and eat it too.You won't have any excuse to stay on track and still eat well with this cookbook. 

Seriously, did January come and go in an instant for you, like it did for me? If this is any indication of how the year is going to unfold, then I better buckle up because it's going incredibly fast. 

Did you set goals in January? How did you do? What's next?

I did well with some of mine and failed some others, but all in all, I'm still making progress. And are so are my nutrition clients who completed their 21-day sugar detox. I'm so proud of them and what they've accomplished. Once you become educated on how to eat well, or how to find safer personal products, or even how to read (like my 5 year old), you can't unlearn it. You can choose to ignore the process or the reasoning, but somewhere tucked in there, the information has taken root. Trust the process, listen to your body, observe the results, and let the seed grow!

For February, I have goals for both my nutrition and Beautycounter business, as well as goals for my little family. You get to reap one of my goals of cooking through a different cookbook each month this year. For February, I'll be cooking mainly from Danielle Walker's latest cookbook, Celebrations. This beautiful book covers all of your paleo needs for mainstream celebrations throughout the year. Need a superbowl recipe? She has it. Need a Mother's Day brunch menu? She's got you covered. Need a Summer Shower (baby, bridal, etc) spread? You won't be disappointed. Stay tuned and keep your notepads handy. I promise you'll want to cook after you see her delectable dishes.

Now go chase your goals and dreams!