Wednesday Wisdom - paleofx recap and recommendations

I don't think prefacing my trip to paleofx (pfx) as an escape does it injustice. Let's be honest, a three day break from making school lunches, commuting two hours a day, and long hours sitting in front of computer is always welcomed. But there's something about Austin, and pfx in particular, that are motivating - and it's not just the free bulletproof coffee. 

I first ventured to Austin in 2016, naive and completely unaware of what would unfold in the Palmer Event Center. I didn't know a soul except for the folks I followed on Instagram or their personal blogs. Let me tell you, running into someone in Whole Foods that you've only seen a static picture of on your smart phone, takes them up to celebrity status rather quickly. After three days you start to befriend the vendors, you see familiar faces and begin to make friends. I left last year's event sure I would return. 

Come May 2017, I was shocked when it was already time to return. By a snafu in hotel bookings I ended stepping out of my comfort zone and rooming with three women I had never met before. It was fantastic. To have a buddies to walk in with on that first day really took the edge off, not to mention having built-in friends to listen to lectures next to and ask questions I hadn't thought of, made my experience 100% better than my first.

So what is paleofx you ask? It's a holistic wellness event covering the latest research on disease, aging, biohacking, and general health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and self-development. Leaders in the paleo and biohacking movement such as David Perlmutter, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, Dave Aspry, Sarah Ballantyne, and Sarah Fragoso, present their latest findings and encourage all to take the next step in improving not only our physical environment - our bodies - but the environment around us with our knowledge and expertise. Outside of the packed schedule of lectures, there are exhibitors with their latest and more often than not, tasty and convenient paleo creations. 

This is only a brief and somewhat vague recap, but I know why you're here, you want in on the freebies! So who rocked as an exhibitor? Check out my recommended paleo goods below. Be sure to read the fine print as most links will take you the discount zone.

Eating Evolved - Chocolate is food, not candy. This is the real deal folks, the way chocolate should be. I highly recommend their 100% dark bar, coconut butter, and keto cups when on the 21-Day Sugar Detox. Everything else, any ol' time! Use this code to receive a free gift with purchase: erinhtmt

FATCO - I've been in love with their body butta for years now. I especially love to use on my girls and the wee Samurai's eczema on her wee pinky finger.  Use this code to receive 15% off.

EPIC Bar - inspired by nature, these meat (ahem, jerky) bars are great for on the go and a sneaky way to get your kids to eat some healthy protein - even beef liver! 

ONNIT - While I had heard of ONNIT before, I had yet to try their supplements. After trying one sample packet of New Mood, I can honestly say I woke up well rested and in a better state. I think I'm a believer! ONNIT is on a mission to inspire peak performance through cutting-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested strategies. They are dedicated to provide supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being. Get 10% off here.

....more to come soon as I work out some sweet deals for you!