What do you do with an idea? You create a podcast!

My two reasons for everything!

My two reasons for everything!

We’re evolving creatures.

It’s our nature to grow, evolve, and pivot when needed.

Sometimes we get stuck and think that pivoting is wrong. That we worked so hard on our degree, or our business, that pivoting to an entirely other industry unrelated to our previous work is a form of BETRAYAL.

I love what Michelle Obama has to say in her interview with Oprah on her book, Becoming:

As if you become something and that’s all there is. My journey is the journey of always, continually evolving. There is never a point where you arrive at a thing. And if you do, that’s kind of sad. If you think there is a point in your life where you stop growing and stop learning, that’s sort of sad, because what else if left?

We evolve and grow.

Like taste buds we acquire new tastes, new cravings to satisfy.

You could say that about my latest endeavor that I’m so excited about. In fact, I didn’t think I’d be this excited or emotionally attached to something, but I get antsy if I don’t tend to it and help it grow.

 The seed, which was planted a year ago, bloomed this last week.

About a year ago, a friend told me I should start a parenting podcast because I’d crush it.

Who me? Me, who was feeling like I was failing as a parent? Me, who would feel like an impostor dishing out my parenting thoughts, when I had yelled at my kids earlier that day? Me, who didn’t need another side hustle?

Yeah, why not me?

Through this year journey, I’ve learned a lot. Here are the highlights:

  1. It’s ok to pivot. I went from stuck in my health coaching gig because a) I lost steam, and b) I felt like I was always pushing it to the side because of needing to parent and attend to my 9-5 job, to being super stoked about learning and growing myself as a mom and sharing my stories along the way.

  2. Things take longer than you imagine. Sure, I stewed on this idea for a bit. I would start and stop. I would research and buy equipment and then get overwhelmed. BUT, I never let the fire die. I knew I’d get it started. A little nudging from friends was also the push I needed to stoke the fire! My launch dates went from July to August to early September to nearly the last week of September. And you know what, it’s ok! Regardless, set a goal and begin.

  3. People get on board because of my enthusiasm. There were a select few I told about my idea. Nowhere near being parents themselves, they believed in the idea and in me, offering to help where they could. Having confidants and cheerleaders is crazy important.

    When I present the “finished” product now - a live podcast - I’ve receive a warm reception. I know I’m not the only one who needed this podcast and I’m so glad I can provide value to parents.

  4. Everything is Figureoutable. I’m stealing this one from Marie Forleo. She’ll also be featured on the show soon, but it’s true. Action creates momentum. Nothing is impossible, you just need to start, get dirty and figure it out. Plenty of people killing it in the podcast space share their wisdom (at a basic level) for free. Start there! Or Google. Or YouTube. There are no excuses. You can figure it out.

  5. Get out of your own way. I shared a story on Instagram about how in 5th grade my scary math teacher, Mr. Lucas, cast me as the lead character in a play we were to perform over the school intercom.

    That is if recollection serves me right.

    Regardless, my only thought was: is this a cruel joke? Did he not know I was painfully shy?

    There were no rehearsals, we were just supposed to show up and read our lines crowded around the microphone in the office.

    Fear of stumbling over words that would somehow blur together on the page, followed by a long walk of shame back to the classroom to face my peers, pierced every thought I had about that day.

    Needless to say, when that day came, I was “sick,” as nerves got the best of me.

    That day has haunted me for years.

    Despite not liking my voice (is this a universal issue?), I figured now is the time to use my voice! I got out of my own way and pushed record; now we’re 5 episodes in!


With much anticipation, relief, and joy, I'm excited to announce my parenting podcast, PG-ish!

On PG-ish I’ve gathered wisdom from today’s teachers, psychologists, doctors, authors and parents that can help to transform our parental experience from overwhelm and frustration to growth and success. Not only for our children but for ourselves.

If parenting had a guidebook, this would be it.

If you’re still questioning how this all came about, you can listen to my trailer or continue reading….

While I'm still very passionate about eating well and sustainably; about thriving in our bodies; and curious about how epigenetics play a huge role in our well-being, longevity, and physical DNA, who am I if spend my time and energy on these important facets of living, if I don't address my most important role as MOM?! 

Parenting is no joke. And let’s be honest, they’re all connected. I could be the healthiest kale eating, CrossFit junkie, meditation guru out there, but if I don’t address my mindset as the mom, leading my household in a rather unconscious reactionary state, no one wins.

I still don’t like identifying as a single mom, but there’s no doubt that single parenting takes it up a whole other notch. The burden is greater and the weight of it all is more exhausting.

Some days I barely feel equipped to take care of myself, let alone these little people. And if the weeks were to persist like the last two, it’s not hard to imagine me barely keeping my head above water, trying to keep everything moving: responding to school emails, filling out school forms, making lunches, drop-off and pick-up, laundry, dinner, cleaning the house, bathing, sleeping, heart checks, bedtime stories, picking up sick kids, and having conversations to connect, to name a few.


Childhood is short. 

As the mama I only have a few, brief years to make the right impression, instill values, and ensure I’ve done my best to create a legacy I believe in.

Did you know that the first 7 years of life, when kid's brains are rapidly growing, they are lying down a foundation for how they communicate, interact with, and perceive the world?

No pressure!

I also don't want the highlight of my day to be the success of getting them to sleep, after a major a meltdown and struggle to brush teeth and close their eyes.

As their mom, I want a deeper relationship and connection.

I needed to figure out how I could move the parenting needle forward toward success, despite embracing the chaos of what is adulting with kids. And that’s how PG-ish came about.

I really hope you'll join me on the journey! Tune in, subscribe, and leave a comment. I want to make this podcast for you so let me know how I can serve you!

Episodes will be up every Tuesday and Thursday!

(You can find the show on all major podcast platforms.)


P.S. Check out Episode 3 from September 18 to hear more wisdom from Michelle Obama! Also, if you want to read a beautiful book about how to nurture an idea, read What Do You Do With an Idea?