Wednesday Wisdom - SLEEP!

What does sleep like a baby even mean? I want to hibernate like a bear!

What does sleep like a baby even mean? I want to hibernate like a bear!

Woot! It's Day 3 of week one of the 21-Day Sugar Detox. While this program is aimed at getting back to whole, REAL foods, there is also an element of self-care. As you remove your focus on food (I realize as a newbie much of your time is consumed with thoughts of meal planning and yes/no lists, but you'll get there), you allow yourself to explore what you prefer to do with your time. It's a chance to be present and realign yourself with hobbies you have thrown to the wayside. It also provides an opportunity to sleep - because if you're not going to stay up to binge on ice cream and netflix, you might as well sleep. More power to you! 

Sleep is something we take for granted and stupidly fight. For instance, I love sleep but I'm also a night owl. I also love the peace and quiet of the early mornings before everyone else stirs. Inevitably I go to bed late and wake up to a blaring alarm too early. It's a catch-22 and I'm always tired, despite knowing better! 

How many hours of sleep do you get? Are you allowing your body to rest, and heal itself through sleep?

There is so very much to cover with sleep, but like I said, I'm tired and must catch some Zzzzs. So I leave you in the wonderfully good hands of Sarah Ballantyne, the Paleo Mom, who has all the answers to your sleep questions, especially if your not losing wight but "doing all of the right things."

Sweet dreams my friends!