Thanksgiving recipe round-up


You’re in luck!! I’m sharing the Thanksgiving recipe round up I shared with my newsletter friends.

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I wanna know, do you brave the grocery store crowds a week before thanksgiving to grab all of the accouterments for your turkey dinner or are you the procrastinating type to wait until the day before, or the heaven forbid, the morning of?

If you’re in the latter camp or simply need inspiration for the items you have in your fridge, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite recipes around the interwebs for you.

You’re on your own for the turkey though. Since I’ve never made one, I don’t feel like I should be giving advice. If it’s anything like the whole roasted chicken I make every week, I suggest using more salt than you feel comfortable with! It makes for a tasty bird!


Tell me, do you have a Thanksgiving family tradition?

Our Portuguese tradition is to enjoy a breakfast of carne vinho d’alhos, poached eggs, Grandma’s Portuguese bread, sliced pineapple and a shot of gin to get that blood flowing first thing in the morning.

Cheers to gratitude, to tasty food, to health and wellness, and to family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!