Giving Willy Wonka a run for his money by Erin Holland

Before I was 30.

Before I was a mom.

Before I was a health coach and foodie.

Before Beautycounter.

Before I was grinding for a paycheck.

I was game for any and every adventure. College days, disposable income, and no real ties allowed me the space to do so, but sometimes that pang to go be free, gives me a poke.

These days I may have to forego midnight drives to Joshua Tree, day trips to Big Bear, jaunts in a PNW rainforest, and international solo birthday trips, but I believe we all need some fun and adventure in our lives. Consider it another pillar of your health and wellness journey.

Enter the Color Factory, a creation by Oh Happy Day and her favorite artists and collaborators. Oh Happy Day, brings color, life and joy to basically anything and everything. They are the epitome of parties and have your back if you need a pop of color and a smile in your life.

But back to our San Francisco adventure….

We – me, Charlie Bear, and Samurai – played hooky from school and work to enjoy each other and have some fun in the city. We grabbed BART, sipped our foursigmatic hot cacao, and braced ourselves for our big adventure.

The Color Factory is hard to explain, so I didn’t bother telling the girls where we were going, other than our only objective was to have fun together. Suffice to say, besides waiting in line to enter, they greatly enjoyed themselves.

When you first enter the building, you are directed down the magical rainbow staircase. The suspense continues as you wait again to show your tickets, to the friendly Color Factory attendee – picture your own version of an oompa loompa here. As we wait, this time because I can’t find the ticket I literally just had on my phone, the aromatic scratch n’ sniff wall is within sight and the anticipation continues to build.


Finally! We’re in.

A great feature of the visit are the handy dandy cards you receive with an individual barcode that allows you take your picture with one of the strategically located cameras. 5,4,3,2,1, and you instantly receive the result in an email.

We got our card and began our journey sniffing the wall of memories: Green grass, Laundry hanging in the sun to dry, a root beer float with two straws, stop and smell the roses. So creative and fun!

Inundated with scents, we moved on to our complimentary marshmallows! I have to say the mint chip one was the best and I’m not even a marshmallow fan.

Satisfied we continued on to the black and white striped kitchen to try activated charcoal lemonade. Interesting, but no need to linger.

Next, the orange room. It was lost on the girls but I felt like I had returned to the 80’s with all sorts orange of trinkets and delights. Most specifically, the orange Neutrogena soap. Totally used that back in the day!

Followed by the blue room, filled with blue balloons.

Michael Jackson tunes and a disco ball beckoned us from the blue room and we ventured to get our dance party on. Being living room dance party connoisseurs, we were killing it, but the Light Bright Room – a massive, life size light bright – was too intriguing, so we killed the tunes and went onward.

As an 80’s child, light bright was one of the main items I coveted when I went to a friend’s home. This was everything my 6-year old heart ever wanted – and obviously my 6-year old was loving every second of it, until her 4-year old sister stole the color peg she wanted.

Moving on, we crossed the hall to find two of the largest markers I’ve ever seen and an oompa loompa breaking down the rules of the room: color the walls as you please, no graffiti or words, and don’t color on the floor. Have at it kids!

Wearing out their wee arm muscles, we moved on to find 10,000 colored ribbons to touch, run through, get lost in and laugh vigorously. But a few run-throughs and belly laughs were enough. We found our way upstairs. The confetti room may have been my favorite. Though simple, this room was pure delight. Confetti angels on the floor, confetti fights, laughter and pure joy.

From there, we ended our journey literally sinking into the giant yellow room’s ball pit. With clever puns and jokes on the walls, we worked ourselves around the pit, from corner to corner, trying not to lose each other. It was a deceptively hard trek through the pit, making the soft serve treat at the opposite side an even sweeter reward.

What I loved:

  • Everything. You don’t experience these diverse eye-catching, colorful arrangements in your everyday life.
  • The tactile nature of each and every little thing. How often can you go somewhere and say, “Touch everything!”
  • The creativity and detail put into the complete exhibit, allowing all ages to have fun

Whether or not you make it to the Color Factory, I hope you fill your days with love, laughter, and adventure!

Coco for coconut by Erin Holland

Right before it became pumpkin spice coconut butter!

Right before it became pumpkin spice coconut butter!

Back in the day when I used to shop at Costco, the bi-weekly staples were bacon, meat, fish, veggies, fruit, a huge ass jar of coconut oil, and bags upon bags of nuts – almonds, walnuts, and pecans. On special occasions I’d splurge for macadamia nuts and proceed to nosh on them on the ride home to appease my traffic woes through downtown Seattle.

The superfluous amount of nuts was a two-fold dilemma: 1) our favorite chocolate chip cookie used solely nuts as the base instead of flour, and 2) being a SAHM, I basically survived off of nuts, smoothies, and the leftover bites on itty bitty plastic plates (yep, I know, disgusting).

Then one day it happened. I had hit my quota and my body purely rejected nuts.

If I feel like getting a headache, having my stomach distend as if I was 7 months pregnant, and have gut issues for a few days, I may partake in a nut. But let’s be honest, it’s not a nice predicament to willingly put myself in.

I say all of this because perhaps you have mild symptoms of eating too many nuts also. They’re
delicious, full of healthy fats and vitamins, and an amazingly easy snack to consume. But let’s face it, it’s easy to overdo it. I only say this so that you’ll pay attention the next time you reach for a nut. Stop and see how your body truly feels when you eat them. If you think you may want to eliminate your handful of almonds (like every health magazine has told you to eat at 3pm), you may want to turn to another lovely fatty friend and my favorite nut replacement - coconut.

Fun fact, coconut is not a nut. I repeat, it’s not a nut! It’s in fact, a fruit.

Back to the story - not knowing how I’d replace my beloved nut fetish, I quickly discovered my love for coconut butter. Okay, okay, I guess I did have an adjustment period, and it did take some time to acquire a taste for it. But once that all fell into place, there wasn’t a week that went by where I didn’t make my own coconut butter and have fun with different flavors.

A spoonful here and a spoonful there, and I barely missed my crunchy nutty friends.

Now that I’m working again and eating real food throughout the day, I don’t make it as often anymore. Which, when I think about it, is such an oxymoron. These days I have less time yet I meal plan and therefore have a stocked fridge. Unless of course you come over on a weekend and I haven’t gone grocery shopping.

Anyway, when I do make coconut butter, it’s usually to make chocolate coconut cups. I love
myself some Eating Evolved coconut cups, yet my budget does not. I can’t just buy one package you know. So I make my own.

When I saw that they had pumpkin coconut cups, I felt up for the challenge.

First things first, I don’t understand the pumpkin spice craze come fall. I do have a soul
and like pumpkin bread but I by no means run out as soon as the first yellow leaf succumbs to the season change and frantically buy every pumpkin spiced item in town. But that’s beside the point. Making your own pumpkin coconut butter may just be the easiest thing in the world. Making the chocolate pumpkin cups on the other hand, can be quite the feat. Not hard, but difficult for this impatient heart of mine.

Are you ready? Here's what you do:

  • Grab a bag of shredded coconut.
  • Fill food processor - nearly to the brim
  • Blend until smooth – 5-10 minutes
Get yo'self some shredded coconut. Trader Joe's has the best deal!

Get yo'self some shredded coconut. Trader Joe's has the best deal!

Throw a pinch of sea salt in there and let it whirl!

Throw a pinch of sea salt in there and let it whirl!

You can proceed from there and add fun things such as:

  • Salt
  • Vanilla
  • Dehydrated fruit – strawberries are a favorite
  • Cacao powder
  • pumpkin spice

From there, drizzle it on everything, replace your mid-afternoon snack attack with a
spoonful, or try one of these recipes:

  • Warm coconut butter on a freshly roasted sweet potato with cinnamon. Yes please!
  • PaleOMG’s apple pie bites. Hot damn!
  • Make mint chocolate coconut cups. Mmmmm.
  • Drizzle over berries or coconut oil sauteed apples. Sure thing!
  • Add 1-2 tbsp and blend into your favorite morning drink. Bring it!

Do note, unless it’s summer or you live in a sauna, coconut butter will harden.

If you don’t want to do any of that, try Eating Evolved and use my code (ERINHTMT) for a special treat when you place an order.

What else do you do with coconut butter??

Why soups and smoothies should be on the menu year round! by Erin Holland

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had some interesting weather around these parts of California. It’s gone from blistery heat to cool to humid, thunderstorms, back to heat. As follows, I’ve gone from shorts and flip flops to fall sweaters to boots and back to tank tops. Fall is in the air, but summer is still hanging on. Regardless of which way the weather chooses to swing, there will always be ingredients in my fridge and pantry to make soup and smoothies.


Depending on your needs, soups are a great way to either load up on or hide veggies. Soup appears quite often on our table due to the one fact that I weekly roast a whole chicken. The meat goes into various dinners and lunches throughout the week, while the bones get chucked into the pressure cooker to make stock. Meal prep at its finest - no bone left behind! Despite fond memories of sipping piping hot carrot ginger soup on a cold winter's day in New York when I was 20, and the fact it's the wee Samurai's favorite, we've been branching out from out typical carrot ginger and discovered we really enjoy a twist on Nom Nom Paleo's Pork and Napa Cabbage Soup with a side salad for dinner. 

Do you have a favorite soup, or one that evokes memories? Next on my soup repertoire is to master my late Portuguese grandma’s egg soup. It may not sound delicious but this soup, filled with thyme and garlic (I can’t think of any Portuguese dish without garlic!), perfectly defines my childhood sitting at her counter slurping up the noodles and eggs in petite blue bowls. Pink rice was another of our frequently requested grandma dishes, but I’ll save that for another time.


Similar to soup, smoothies are another amazing vehicle to hide those veggies. When time permits before we race off to school, I love to make smoothies to get veggies and some good fats into the little people’s bellies. Not only can I get some nutrients in them but I also cross my fingers it will ward off the corncake, cereal, and cracker snacks at school. While I can’t recall there ever being a time these girls of mine agreed on the same thing, they will usually acquiesce to one or the others preference by the second time I ask: fruity or chocolatey? Today, we went the chocolatey route.

Chicken and Cabbage soup

cabbage soup

So tasty, even staring at a computer screen at work for a late breakfast! Just don't spill it in your car. Not only does the turmeric leave a lovely yellow stain, cabbage left to bake in a warm car all day does not have the most pleasant smell. Or so I hear! 

This soup is also 21-Day Sugar Detox freindly! 


  • 1 teaspoon ghee or fat of choice
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • shredded chicken (I used what was left from roasting a whole chicken) 
  • 6 mushrooms, thinly sliced 
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 6 cups bone broth or homemade stock (after roasting a whole chicken, I prep broth in the pressure cooker over night)
  • 1 head cabbage (2 pounds), cut crosswise into 1-inch segments
  • 2 large carrots, peeled and sliced
  • 2 celery stalks, sliced
  • 1 large hannah (white fleshed) sweet potato, peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes
  • Freshly ground black pepper and salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and turmeric
  • scallions


  1. In pressure cooker, heat the ghee or fat of choice on the saute. When the fat is warm, begin to saute the diced onion with a pinch of salt. Saute until soft.
  2. Add Mushrooms and continue to saute until soft.
  3. Add remaining ingredients except for broth and chicken. Mix together.
  4. Add in broth, put lid on and cook under high pressure for 3-5 minutes. Release the pressure manually when the soup is finished cooking.
  5. Once done, add shredded chicken and garnish with more pepper or scallions


Chocolate smoothie

Chocolate smoothie and waffles

A classic and kid favorite anytime of the day! We paired it with waffles for a Saturday morning feast.


Blend until smooth! Easy! 

If you need a Thrive membership, join here. I love Thrive and save a ton of money all year long! Don't miss out on all of their paleo friendly, allergy friendly, organic and non-gmo goods at Costco prices.

Where do you want to go? How much do you want to risk? by Erin Holland


Change is hard and typically uncomfortable. Despite really, really wanting a particular outcome, the process can be overwhelming. So we cling to what we know, our habits, even if they're preventing us to reach our goals. It's "safe."

Do you feel that?

Let's talk nutrition for a minute.

What's holding you back from getting off of your meds, or incorporating more veggies into your meals, or losing some weight, or nixing the late night binges? Where are you stuck?

There are a lot of quick tricks and programs, shakes, and fad diets. Are you confused and simply want to throw your hands up in disgust and confusion?

While there may be some unique aspects of your lifestyle we would need to address, with some basic and honest assessment, we can work together to get you on a path toward health.


We don’t need to have superhero powers, but we do need to be the superhero’s of our own lives.

You ARE in more control than you think! Have you forgotten that? I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone in this process, it’s possible to change, and there are people (like me) that would love to walk alongside you!

I began this post thinking I would go in one direction, but hey, the beauty of being the author is that you can change course. And so can you.

I’m not going to dish out all of the reasons the 21-Day Sugar Detox may be good for you. I’m not going to spout off that you’ll more than likely need at least 30 days to get in a good groove. I won’t berate the point that it’s going to take some mindset, and some weekly prep. You may also want to cheat on Day 11. That’s human nature. Reality. And to some degree you most likely know that; that may be why you don’t start.

That’s the beauty of having the accountability of a coach. You have someone to lean on, to reach out to, to vent to. I won’t coddle you and enable the nonsense, but I will lead you. No judgement, only compassion as your cheerleader, wanting to see you succeed.

I know, you probably have a thing, a party, a birthday, a wedding, a trip. Right?! So committing to 21-30 days is rather iffy. But it’s all choices. What will you choose today?

But how? 

Let’s look at your goals, based on the structure of your day: when and what you eat, how much sleep you’re getting, your stress levels, your fears, your exercise. Give me the information and I’ll do all of the heavy lifting to produce a plan. While it will be up to you to follow, like i said before, I will be your cheerleader, and I’m here to change what doesn’t work.

Decide what to be

Based on the heading (can you name that tune?!) of this post and the following line from The Avett Brothers song, "Head full of fear/road full of promise," I’m all about the music these days. However, I thought this song lyric was relevant to close with:


 - Avett Bros

But in all seriousness, I'd love to help you pinpoint the sticky spots and provide you with tools to create new habits. If you have any gentle nudging to make a change, let's talk it out! 


P.S. All of my nutrition clients get extra special goodies from me. But you’ll have to sign-up to find out what they are.

Also, if you want a sneak peek into the food you’ll eat, which is not sad at all, check out my IG as well as the 21-Day Sugar Detox guidebook

Cheers to new beginnings!


It's all grace. by Erin Holland


It's easy to blame others.

My computer. My kids. My boss. The other driver. BART delays.

Yet most of the time it's me. Ok, lately it's been been my lame, "vintage" computer that needs some updating. But even that falls back in my lap. I'm the common denominator.

Since early spring, I've been saying I lost my groove after Christmas - 2016. Yet it's still missing, nine months later. While some mighty fine things have come to fruition, I'm still in shock it's already September. Now the pressure is on.

Or is it?

I guess you could say since completing my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification in December, I've gone into double-time work mode. Working from 8-5, single parenting, commuting close to 2 hours, cleaning, cooking, working my side gigs at night and on the train. It seemed feasible, until I didn't want to do it anymore. The passion faded.  

I'm far from perfect and recognize my flaws, yet when I've lost myself in the muck and mire of being an adult, clocking in and out of the daily grind, and having minimal fun, I'm not a great coach. When my own health has become a weak bystander, how can I coach others on their healthy habits? When I'm tired and impatient, how can I be the best mom I desire to be? 

No doubt it's a catch-22. I'm working hard to achieve the outcome of defining my own schedule, being my own boss, and ultimately being more available for my daughters. But the process I've created is not sustainable. No one is winning.

 Jim Rohn says we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Hmmmm, okay. Well, I spend 8 hours surrounded by engineers, that I don't necessarily engage with. I live with two irrational, selfish creatures who use incessant tactics to gain my attention. Time with my friends is brief as life beckons and pulls in other directions. So who is shaping my environment, for better or worse?

That being said, I was blessed to spend Labor Day weekend with some really cool people at a mastermind event. For two days I surrounded myself with wicked smart entrepreneurs, and let me tell you, it was not only inspiring but there were definitely game-changing sparks! 

If you know Sean Croxton, you know he dropped some truth bombs about the power of our mind, fear, setting intentions and taking action. If you need daily motivation check out his Quote of the Day show. I promise it will set the tone to have a kick-ass day. 

Dave of PaleoHacks, whipped us into shape when it comes to website basics and blogging.

Ella, from OnairwithElla, talked about Impostor Syndrome, how to crush fear, and how to take action to daily choose and create a life that energizes us. 

Jake Ducey, whom I had first heard on the Sessions, was every bit as hippy as I expected him to be, and it was awesome. Reiterating Ella's discussion, he focused on the PROCESS, the daily steps we need to take in the process to create the outcome we want, without getting hung up on the outcome. Developing a practice of process will get us there.

Getting back to GRACE.

Christine Hassler, who I also first heard on the Sessions, capped our event with some incredible coaching. My time with her, as well as witnessing shifts in others, allowed me to recognize it's ok to take a step back. I had been going, going, going, trying to prove I could do it all. All for what?

People effing love to tell me how amazing I am for doing it all as a single mom. Lead in questions, always start with, "I don't know how you do it, but it seems to be working!"

Actually no, it's not working. It's lonely. It's hard. It's sad a lot of the time. I'm constantly moving money around to pay bills. I don't get as much sleep as I'd like to be a nice person. There may or may not be a pile of laundry on my couch or still in the dryer at all times (is there a service for someone to fold my clothes?). I'm not able to do a lot of things. It's not ideal. I can't really say it's working, but I'm grateful we're functioning and I can provide a roof over my head, and yummy food to eat (most of the time). 

Not that I needed permission, but Christine articulated it for me. It's ok. Perhaps you're burned out and you need to take a step back. Reevaluate this is your time - that you can invest in the process, which is time consuming, all consuming, and sometimes hard. It's ok to wait, there is nothing to prove RIGHT NOW. Don't miss out on the NOW by forcing something else.

And like that, the pressure was off.

I'm not giving up, in fact, more than ever, I'm more excited to work with clients. However, the pressure was released.  

That's good stuff right there! 

As my wonderful friend can attest, as I was texting her up until I walked into the conference room, I was nervous to attend the event. Was it going to be worth it? Did I even belong there? What the hell am I doing? 

In every sense it was worth it. I highly recommend bschool and a mastermind event with Sean and his pals. If for nothing else, to enjoy the bootchcraft and interesting conversations that come after your hard days work absorbing new knowledge. 


So what are you afraid of doing or not doing? What's holding you back of sharing the unique gifts you've been entrusted with? Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? Who is your tribe of 5? I want to know!


Wednesday Wisdom: Do these pants make me look fat? And other fat lies. by Erin Holland

Scanning through radio stations (am I the only one that still does this?), I heard something about coffee. With my attention piqued, I left the station be. Apparently there is recent report that said something to the effect of drinking 1-3 cups a day reduces your risk for a host of diseases like stroke and cancer. You can read it here. However, the thing that really caught my ear were the recommendations for what to put in your coffee.

Someone called in with essentially their bulletproof recipe of blending coffee, butter, and coconut oil. The DJ immediately responded with, "well that takes away all of the health benefits right there, not to mention will make you fat."

Rewind. What?

Um, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! 

It's official, I live in my own little Paleo bubble. 

I wanted to call in to say, "you think those 4 packets of sugar are better than a tbsp of butter in your coffee, blah, blah, blah."

Luckily for me, I arrived at BART, trading these dirty little thoughts for other dirty little thoughts about my ecstatic love affair with this ancient silver bullet that transports me to San Francisco. (just to be safe, since you can't see my face, enter as much sarcasm here as necessary). 

Okay, so where y'all at? Who read the most recent claims from the American Heart Association (AHA) about coconut oil being bad, bad, bad, and recommending polyunsaturated vegetable oils, such as corn, canola, and soy as good, good, good?

Rewind. What?

Um, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! 

What is happening to our country?

Obviously, and despite my naivety, not everyone is on the health wagon with me. 

I'm no doctor but last time I checked, the AHA also approves cocoa puffs as a nutritious staple in your diet. So, why the debacle?

For the full recap, you can read the reports and responses from Dr. David Perlmutter, author of The Grain Brain; biohacker Dave AspryDr. Hyman; read 21 arguments for and against coconut oil; and a couple of articles from the Observer; watch a panel discussion about the benefits of coconut oil with Robb Wolf, Gary Taubes, and others; and read a blog post from Liz Wolfe written in 2013 about the "demonization of saturated fat and cholesterol." 

Of course there are plenty more articles to agonize over, but this is a great start to help you formulate your own decision and path to take with coconut oil.

For me and my household, unless our bodies utterly reject coconut someday, I will not take it out of our diets. Back in 2011 as a newlywed, I remember walking up the steepest part of Madison Street from downtown Seattle to our little 1br apartment reading the Coconut Oil Miracle. It was mind-blowing and life changing.

Bottom line:

  • not all saturated fat is bad for you, especially the “good fats” in coconut oil - medium chain triglycerides
  • our body needs cholesterol, and is a fundamental component of every cell of our body. We need to know the difference between our personal LDL and HDL.

Wednesday Wisdom: Keep it Fresh by Erin Holland

The moment we've all been waiting for is here. Windows are down, the swimsuits are ready, and the sunscreen has been applied. It’s SUMMER y’all! 

Yeah, yeah, it may have snowed last weekend in the Sierras but I'm fairly certain that was nature's last attempt to keep California drought free. We'll see if it worked. Ever since I was a kid I've been on drought watch so it's rather peculiar to say it's over!  

But summer, sun, and all things hot. With Farmer's Markets in full swing, ripe with summer's most delicious bounty of stone fruits, now is the time to make the freshest of fresh meals. I miss my friendly vendors at Pike Place Market and post-church, Sunday Ballard Farmer's Market in Seattle, but a close third is the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market, in Oakland. My sweet find of english sweet peas induced a foray into buying all of the verdant veggies: baby kale, english peas, and asparagus. 

This salad is so easy, kid approved, and has a good kick of nutrients to boot. Give it a try today.


  • 6 cups baby kale
  • 1 lb asparagus
  • 1 cup English sweet peas, minus the pod
  • ½ lemon, juiced
  • 2 T olive oil, separated; or just enough to dress (not drown) your greens
  • 2-4 chicken breasts (or a rotisserie chicken)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Roast, grill, steam or sauté:
1 lb asparagus
1 cup English sweet peas, minus the pod

Grill or roast
2 chicken breasts, preferably marinated in lemon juice for 10 min.

I grilled the asparagus and peas by wrapping them in foil with a bit of olive oil and salt. I then put them on a hot grill for about 15 minutes. You could also roast them in the oven at 400 degrees for the same amount of time. I had a roast chicken, however, an easy way to make chicken is to let it sit in lemon juice, salt and pepper, a minimum of 5 minutes per side. Grill or roast.   

While you’re cooking the asparagus and peas, massage the kale with the lemon, s+p,  and olive oil. Once the veggies are done, toss together with the kale and chicken. Could be topped with shaved Parmesan and pine nuts or almonds.

Wednesday Wisdom - paleofx recap and recommendations by Erin Holland

I don't think prefacing my trip to paleofx (pfx) as an escape does it injustice. Let's be honest, a three day break from making school lunches, commuting two hours a day, and long hours sitting in front of computer is always welcomed. But there's something about Austin, and pfx in particular, that are motivating - and it's not just the free bulletproof coffee. 

I first ventured to Austin in 2016, naive and completely unaware of what would unfold in the Palmer Event Center. I didn't know a soul except for the folks I followed on Instagram or their personal blogs. Let me tell you, running into someone in Whole Foods that you've only seen a static picture of on your smart phone, takes them up to celebrity status rather quickly. After three days you start to befriend the vendors, you see familiar faces and begin to make friends. I left last year's event sure I would return. 

Come May 2017, I was shocked when it was already time to return. By a snafu in hotel bookings I ended stepping out of my comfort zone and rooming with three women I had never met before. It was fantastic. To have a buddies to walk in with on that first day really took the edge off, not to mention having built-in friends to listen to lectures next to and ask questions I hadn't thought of, made my experience 100% better than my first.

So what is paleofx you ask? It's a holistic wellness event covering the latest research on disease, aging, biohacking, and general health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and self-development. Leaders in the paleo and biohacking movement such as David Perlmutter, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, Dave Aspry, Sarah Ballantyne, and Sarah Fragoso, present their latest findings and encourage all to take the next step in improving not only our physical environment - our bodies - but the environment around us with our knowledge and expertise. Outside of the packed schedule of lectures, there are exhibitors with their latest and more often than not, tasty and convenient paleo creations. 

This is only a brief and somewhat vague recap, but I know why you're here, you want in on the freebies! So who rocked as an exhibitor? Check out my recommended paleo goods below. Be sure to read the fine print as most links will take you the discount zone.

Eating Evolved - Chocolate is food, not candy. This is the real deal folks, the way chocolate should be. I highly recommend their 100% dark bar, coconut butter, and keto cups when on the 21-Day Sugar Detox. Everything else, any ol' time! Use this code to receive a free gift with purchase: erinhtmt

FATCO - I've been in love with their body butta for years now. I especially love to use on my girls and the wee Samurai's eczema on her wee pinky finger.  Use this code to receive 15% off.

EPIC Bar - inspired by nature, these meat (ahem, jerky) bars are great for on the go and a sneaky way to get your kids to eat some healthy protein - even beef liver! 

ONNIT - While I had heard of ONNIT before, I had yet to try their supplements. After trying one sample packet of New Mood, I can honestly say I woke up well rested and in a better state. I think I'm a believer! ONNIT is on a mission to inspire peak performance through cutting-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested strategies. They are dedicated to provide supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being. Get 10% off here.

....more to come soon as I work out some sweet deals for you!