I’m glad you’re here, 'cause we're in this together!

My mission is to inform healthy lifestyle decisions, provide nutritional programs to balance your relationship with food, and to encourage a thriving life. My heart ignites when I connect with people to help them connect the dots of lifestyle and nutrition steps to change their life.

Today I’m a paleo food blogger, coconut addict, not-so-secret living room dancer, and lover of all travel adventures (even if it involves digging a cow out of a ditch, but I’ll save that for another time).

It wasn't always that way.

My nutritional journey began after nearly two decades of headaches, and stomach pain, with no answers from doctors. I used to think I ate well because I wasn’t eating candy for every meal or had some vegetables with lunch. But the pain persisted. I finally took my health in my own hands and concluded that the food I ate was dramatically affecting my body. Before it was trendy to do so, and with much resistance (I'm a self proclaimed bread addict), I eliminated gluten. This single choice began a fifteen-year experimentation with my body’s reaction to quality, real food.

Steps to healing.

Through this process I became Precision Nutrition Certified, and a a 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach. I've also used the last decade to experiment with my own body, to heal it from the inside out yet. I’m excited to help everyone thrive by learning how to stop abusing food, and rather use food as a source of life. In the process, I discovered my voracious appetite to empower others on their journey to optimal health and well-being. As a career mom, and self-trained cook, I understand how chaotic life can be.

Teaching practical tools to simplify what can be an overwhelming process of food choices, is why I started this journey.

“Sometimes I am frustrated about the weight still, but I am feeling more hopeful of reaching my goals. Which isn’t just weight but long term change to eating habits to support my digestive tract. So thank you once again for helping me get on this path.”
— Jessica

My home.

On any given day and hour, I can be found in the kitchen creating delicious delicacies - and always homemade chocolate! The goal of my kitchen shenanigans is to combine nutrition and flavor. Followed by kitchen experiments, a great love of mine is sitting down to a home cooked meal with people I adore. Food and drink have the power to unite – to inspire ideas, spark conversation, produce confessions, and stir intimacy. 

Random factoids about me:

  • Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area as an A's and 49ers fan.
  • I spent 16 years in the beautiful Emerald City of Seattle, where I became a Husky, coffee drinker, kayaker, mom, and Seahawks fan.
  • Cooking is my favorite stress reliever, as long as someone else cleans up!
  • While crafting burgers top my list, dessert will be concocted first.
  • Moving my body, meditation, and prayer keep me sane.
  • While Crossfitting and feeling strong is empowering, I also enjoy hiking (because nature is awe-inspiring and powerfully rejuvenating), barre, yoga, or simply walking.
  • I believe everyone should touch the soil of as many countries as possible. It's both enlightening and humbling.  
  • I try to have dance parties in my living room with my two daughters every day.
  • A spoonful of homemade toasted coconut butter alongside a steaming matcha latte never hurt the creative process!