About ME

Hello and welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

My mission is to inform healthy lifestyle decisions, provide nutritional programs to balance your relationship with food, and encourage a thriving life. You'll read more of my story elsewhere on the site, but here's a bit about me...

  • Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area as an A's and 49ers fan.
  • I spent 16 years in the beautiful Emerald City, Seattle, where I became a Husky, coffee drinker, kayaker, mom, and Seahawks fan.
  • Cooking is my favorite stress reliever, as long as someone else cleans up! While crafting burgers top my list, dessert will be concocted first.
  • Crossfitting also keeps me sane. While feeling strong is empowering I also enjoy hiking (because nature is awe-inspiring and powerfully rejuvenating), barre, yoga, or simply walking.
  • I believe everyone should touch the soil of as many countries as possible. It's both enlightening and humbling.  
  • I try to have dance parties in my living room with my two daughters every day.
Because high-fives are always in style.

Because high-fives are always in style.

When not consumed with other tasks, I can be found in the kitchen creating delicious delicacies - and always homemade chocolate! Followed by kitchen experiments, a great love of mine is sitting down to a home cooked meal with people I love. Food and drink have the power to unite – to inspire ideas, spark conversation, produce confessions, and stir intimacy. 

The goal of my kitchen shenanigans is to combine nutrition and flavor. This passion has led me to create a Paleo meal service for my gym, become a member of Diane SanFilippo's 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaching group, and a Precision Nutrition Practitioner.  

Also to note, a spoonful of homemade toasted coconut butter alongside a steaming matcha maca latte (don't judge until you've tried it) never hurt the creative process!

Always find time to sing and dance in the rain!

Always find time to sing and dance in the rain!

My public Instagram account is my creative health and wellness outlet. Find food inspiration, fitness motivation and primarily paleo recipes.